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Fan Victor – Sports Betting Plugin for WordPress and PHPFox Review

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Bet On Sports


Sports Betting Plugin for WordPress and PHPFox


If you’re operating a sports website employing WordPress or PHPFox, then you’re going to salivate over this plugin.  This plugin turns your WordPress or PHPFox site into a Sports Betting platform within minutes.  Just as you would install any WordPress plugin or PHPFox module, this Fan Victor Sports Betting plugin/module installs with a simple click of the mouse.  We’ve tested a beta version and absolutely love what we see so far.  Its one of the best, if not thee best plugin for Betting on Sports.

Sports betting is at an all time high.  But with tough legal laws around sports betting it can be very costly in developing your own sports betting website.  On top of legal fees, there are development costs, obtaining the stats of games and players, getting updates of games, calculating points of the victors and handling all the payouts and email notifications that come along with running an online sports betting property.  Thats where the Fan Victor Sports Betting Plugin comes in.  This plugin enables Peer-to-Peer sports betting in the most easiest and simplest way possible.  Going with the pro version, all stats , point calculation and money handling is taken for you. They have built a complete automated solution for even the most novice WordPress or PHPFox site administrators.

Whats Peer to Peer sports betting?
Traditionally,  online sports betting properties allow gamblers to bet against the house.  This business model is still generating billions today.  However, there is fairly new model that been around for quite some time now. Its peer to peer sports betting, also known as social betting.  Bets are created by one user, and then another user can come along and take that bet.  The bet is still played with odds.  Usually in this business model the house, or site that hosts the bet takes a small rake per bet. In one way, its risk free for the house, as the house always wins in this model.  As for the players, it just seems more fun to play and win against a real person rather than playing against The System.

About the Plugin:
This plugin is the coolest thing we’ve seen to come to the betting scene in a long time. It makes the ordinary sports website into a full blown sports betting platform. The plugin installs within seconds. Just upload the zip file in the admin section of wordpress just like any other plugin. The only part I needed to do after that is input the special token that I receieved once I made the purchase. Thats it! I was literally up and running within minutes and talking like 5 or 10.  Not 20 or 30.

The plugin handles all the game schedules, updates and player game data. Everything is automated.  We did some research and found that if you were going to do this without the plugin, just the stats alone are about $500 – $7500 per month, depending on the number of sports you want to support and the type of details of the stats.  Like for example, if you wanted just the game results versus the stats of each individual player. This plugin supports all professional and major sports:

Big 6:
College Basketball, College Football, National Basketball Association (NBA), Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), Friendly Internationals

World Cup, Italian Serie A, Eng. Premier League, Spanish Liga Primera, Champions League, Friendly Internationals, Euro Championship

UFC, Bellator, Dream, XFC, One FC, Invicta, Legacy FC, Cage Warriors, MFC, World Series of Fighting, RFA

The plugin handles all the game score calculations, money winnings and even handles email notifications.  This gives the site owner the ability to focus on the more important part of the business which is promotion, marketing and recruiting new users.  At the current retail price of $97 per month, this is a no brainer if you’ve ever thought about operating your own sports betting site. At the time of this writing it is the only sports betting plugin for WordPress and sports betting module for PHPFox in existence.  This plugin definitely has the potential to earn a site owner serious cash.

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