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Review for – Fantasy Sports Plug-in for WordPress and PHPFox

Review for – Fantasy Sports Plug-in for WordPress and PHPFox


If you are someone who is into Fantasy Sports, and at the same time an entrepreneur, then will surely interest you. According to a fearless forecast made by Forbes magazine, the fantasy sports industry will hit a whopping $4 billion by the year 2016. It seems that these types of websites are just present anywhere we look at these days. They are literally making millions. Since the year 2006, there are some sites that have capitalized in this industry. In the previous years, in order to create your very own site for fantasy sports, you need to have $25,000 and technical knowledge as investment.


However, the good news is that with the introduction of, things are about to change. Take some time to enjoy this fan victor review and see if it worth your time and attention.


All about


It is a fantasy sports plug-in for WordPress and PHPFox. By just paying $97 every month, you do not get just the player and game stats, but you will also be able to obtain a plug-in, which can be installed to both WordPress and PHPFox. This plug-in will provide you all the capabilities that you will need in order to operate and administer a website dedicated to Fantasy Sports. This, therefore, does not need any technical knowledge on your part. As a matter of fact, according to a recent data survey, 38.6% have a high school or less education. This means that as long as you understand the basics needed to operate some things then you are good to go.


This fantasy sports module consists of all the necessary pages that you usually see in many Fantasy Sports sites. It also comes with a lobby block wherein you may view a certain list of contests, allowing you to click on them in order to join. From that point, you may then enter your selection before submission. Users can now watch the results in real-time. For the site owners such as yourself, you may be able to set a rake for every pool. Therefore, you can decide the amount that you want to make. Aside from that, you can also earn extra money with the credit system wherein your users may purchase and sell credits based on a particular exchange rate. This is something new in the market, and nothing similar to this has already existed. The best part about this type of fantasy sports module is that it has been particularly designed to make you, the owner of the site, earn money. This product is highly recommended and has the best potential to become a changer of the game.


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fantasy sports plugin review

fantasy sports plugin review

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