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Hospitality Network Review – SCAM! Do not purchase

By on November 13, 2018 in Success Strategies with 0 Comments

It disappoints me to write this article since this is about a Canadian company.  On Sunday November 11th 2018, I called the Hospitality Network on their main line and ordered the weekly TV package for my father who had been admitted in the William Osler Brampton Hospital.  He was scheduled to have surgery the next Monday morning.  I wanted him to have some TV to watch.  I figured he would spend at least 1 or 2 weeks recovery, based on his surgery and also the fact that a third surgery is also needed.  In any event, I purchased the weekly package for him.  The daily rate was $25 , which is a hefty price to pay for basic cable, but that issue is outside the scope of this article.  The weekly package is you pay for 3.5 days and get 3.5 days for free.  So  the cost for the weekly package was about $85 Canadian. Everything seemed great.  I called my dad in his room and let him know that it was ordered.  The sales person on the phone said wait 5-10 minutes, then start it up and it should work.  Great.   About an hour later, my dad calls me back and says that the TV is not working.  He said he had talked to someone there at the hospital and they said the  Hospitality Network technician would come by on Monday (the follow day) to review the TV.  I said OK dad, as long as you’re happy.

Well, the next day, my dad had his surgery.  After work, I went to go see him.  The TV was not working still.  My brother got there before me and ordered the internet service from them so my dad said forget about the TV, I have internet now and the TV doesn’t work and the technician didn’t even come.  So I called the Hospitality Network asking why the technician didn’t show.  There was no answer.  So I asked for a refund.  No TV was watched.  Not a single minute.  The service did not work as advertised and no one showed up to review the issue like they said they would.  The guy on the phone offered 1 day of refund.  I found this to be quite strange that the service was not used, it was not reviewed by a technician after someone said they would come look at it.  They offered me about $25 refund.  My question is, “Is this what corporations have come down to?”.  Is it always about the money?  I mean is this not taking advantage of someone or what?  They said its company policy to not give refunds.  Is it?  Should I start a company, promise some service/product, take the customers money and then not deliver on what was advertised?  And simply say, “Sorry, its company policy not to give refunds”.

Not only should I get my money back, plus my time wasted the phone trying to get my refund back, this company should be investigated and audited on their business practices.

I am about to call y credit card company.  – TD First Class Travel card.  I will let you know how this is handled on their side.  Stay tuned.  This article will be updated.

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