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DFSCoin is the official crypto coin for fantasy sports

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DFSCoin Announcement Thread






What is DFSCoin?

Purpose – DFSCoin will be used as in game currency on, and other daily fantasy sports sites using the API suite, the Platform and other partner networks.

About – DFSCoin is the official crypto coin for fantasy sports that allows sports fans world wide to play in contests and tournaments without restriction and to provide DFS sites a cost effective way of processing payments with out the risk of fraud or charge backs.

Why DFSCoin – Traditional payment processors who service the DFS industry are expensive and have a high risk of fraud and charge backs. DFSCoin transactions only cost .001 DFS and are much more secure than Paypal or credit cards. Fantasy sports players can be assured their deposited funds are properly segregated from from company expense accounts and verifiable on the blockchain.

DFSCoin Specs:

Total Coin Supply: 210,000,000 | Premine Amount: 42,000,000
Abbreviation: DFS | Algorithm: Scrypt | Type: PoW/PoS | PoW Reward: 20 DFS | PoS Reward: 8% / Yr | Coinbase Maturity: 100 Blocks |  Target Spacing: 64 Seconds | Confirmations: 3 Blocks

Main Information Page:
Block Explorer:
Fantasy Sports Sites: &
Mining Pool:
DFSCoin Social (closed beta)
Github link:
Coin Page:
Twitter: @DraftLikeABoss + @DFSCoin

DFSCoin Wallet Links:

Windows –
Linux –

The Daily Fantasy Sports Industry:

In 2017, there are 59.3 million people playing fantasy sports in the USA and Canada. The number of fantasy sports players continues to grow as it becomes more popular across Europe, Asia and Latin America

Fantasy sports players are younger, better educated, with higher household incomes and more likely to have fulltime employment:
66% Male // 34% Female
Average Age: 38.6
College Degree or More: 66%
Have a household income of $75k+: 51%
Have full-time employment: 67%
Average Annual Spending Per Fantasy Player (age 18+): $556
Favorite Fantasy Sport: Football
Fantasy Sports Players that Pay League Fee: 70%

On average, fantasy sports players (age 18+) spend $556 on league-related costs, single-player challenge games, and league-related materials over a 12-month period.

Players are more interested in sports because of fantasy. 64% say they are watching more live sports because of fantasy. •61% say they read more about sports because of fantasy.

PitchDeck for :

PitchDeck for FanVictor


ICO Distribution and Pricing


210,000,000 Total Coins 20% PreMine 42,000,000

ICO Investors      GTD Prize Pools      Founders / Partners      Company Holdings
60% / 25,200,000      20% / 8,400,000        10% / 4,200,000        10% / 4,200,000


*Founders’ Coins: The core 5 member team will split the 10% DFSCoin allotment and each will receive 2% or 840,000 DFSCoins. The team member has agreed on 6 month lockup periods and require a majority vote to sell.

The DFSCoin Team is made up of 5 talented members who possess business, development and marketing skills. The team is already in talks with multiple fantasy sports websites, white label providers, and land based gaming and casino companies who have all expressed an interest in using DFSCoin as the in game currency to meet their needs. Three of our core team members have been in the fantasy sports industry for the past 3 to 5 years each and have the experience and industry contacts to fast track mass adoption across businesses and consumers.

Meet the DFSCoin Team

Nicolas Hernandez aka NicoDFS – Serial Entrepreneur, former president of Voice over Networks S.A. 1996, former VP of Century Capital Partners S.A. 2001, Managing Partner of Epic Apps Inc. since 2013, Founded and in 2014

Alok Kumar Saxena – Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry with overall 5 years of experience in architecting and developing large scale, high-performance Amazon AWS, PHP, Zend, Laravel, CakePHP, drupal6&7, codeigniter, MongoDB, mysql,python,django based application.

Jason Liberto – Jason Liberto (Founder) Owner Partner /Owner, Advertising, Marketing for Mars INC, Fantasy Sports and Blog Editor,
Fantasy Sports Lineup Advisor.

Victor Ientilucci –  Founded and Accomplished Program Manager with solid track record of delivering on-time, innovative, and reliable applications. Experienced IT professional with a unique combination of business experience and technical skills. Proven ability to effectively plan, coordinate and meet deadlines of multiple projects. Goal oriented customer focused, and tenacious: committed to executing first-class solutions on time and under budget.

TJ D’Maria – Serial Entrepreneur, Accepted into the first Information Systems Bachelors Degree Program in the World, founding member of 10 employee company that went public on NASDAQ with a top Market Cap of 500 million. Creator of the first multi-media  laptop computer with sound and color. Creator of the fastest laptop computer in the world. Customers included the NSA, NASA, Los Alamos  National Labs, Sandia Labs, Intel, Microsoft, and most Fortune 500 companies. Generated over $30+ million dollars in incoming call center and internet website business in his lifetime.

Steven Spooner aka DFSEXPLOSIVE – PR and community manager who has worked with multiple crypto currency’s over the past 2 years, Pioneer of new industry projects with a proven track record of innovation and idea based tech with real world applications, 5 years experience in the sports and entertainment industry particularly stadium and venue management, 3 years doing stadium work for a AA sports franchise that had hosted players like Josh Becket, Mookie Betts and many other high caliber professional players and scouts

Miners please visit DFS

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